Tutorial from CG Matter - PBR for IDIOTS

This is a tutorial from CG Matter - PBR for IDIOTS very useful and the principal idea is to understand the process and then Render an Image with your Textures.

for this process we need to go to this site: https://texturehaven.com/ then go to Textures and Download All Maps.

now you can create your Maps Images with AwesomeBump under Linux


Let's go to Blender - Edit - Preferences - Add-on and type Node Wrangler

  • Render Engine: Cycles
  • Feature Set: Experimental
  • Material Properties: Setting - Surface - Displacement: Displacement and Bump

Select Principled BSDF and click Shift + Ctrl + T and add the folder downloaded and decompressed.

Add Modifier - Subdivision Surface - Adaptive Subdivision.

Render Engine: Cycles

  • Ubuntu Linux 20.10
  • GNOME 3.38.1
  • Blender 2.90.1


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