3D Characters for Blender 3D using Adobe Face and MakeHuman

In his tutorial we are gonna use two interfaces to create 3D characters and then you can Import to Blender 2.79 and 2.80

1.- Adobe Fuse
2.- Make Human

Adobe Fuse CC under OSX The first step in Download and Install Adobe fuse from the Adobe Fuse website When you open adobe Fuse the software show you every step to create a 3D character as: HeadTorsoLegArm Then you can Customize any part of the body with Thin or Thick, then you create the Clothes for the Body.
After to complete your Character we are gonna send it to www.mixamo.com and adding some Auto-Rigger. Here you can find the option for download the Character for Blender 3D into DAE extension. Into Mixamo we can add some Characters or Animations We Download the Character with DAE extension and we open it with Blender And here we are in Blender 2.8 with the new Character 3D And you can see this render from Mixamo into Blender 3D
MakeHuman  OSX - Ubuntu Linux Makehuman is a free and open source3D computer graphics software middleware design…

Tandem with two Liebherr LTM1100

This project start with implement a 3D Safety Procedure into my Job, and this is the most heavy element we lift and we use two cranes Liebherr LTM1100, for this project I use Blender 3D. P&H 4100 Shovel Bucket  Crane Liebherr 1100  Workers
And this is the Final result for the 3D Safet Procedure:

 All created under Blender 3D

Dragon Hunter

Dragon Hunter
Just a weekend project using Blender and GIMP, you can download it a full size (4900x3100px.) from my flickr website, feel free to use. Creating Mountains with Blender
GIMP for a final compose
Dragon Hunter is created under Creative Commons License.

GPS Ami Logo

Now let me introduce the new Icon for GPS Ami, If you want to know what GPS Ami is just click here, but how I got involved? I was reading in GNOME Planet the introducing of Hubert Figuière for GPS Ami and read that he need a logo for this aplication, so I designed the Logo and Tweet him the first Idea, after to see the Idea he approved the design and the second step was uploaded to GPS Ami's GitHub.

GPSAmi, a GUI app to read data from GPS devices.
If you want a Icon, logo, Hackergotchi, Banner etc.. for your GNOME project, you can Add your request in GNOME Art Request.

Blender Models

After a long time without posting I decided to post in English to practice my writing. In the last time I was designing some mechanical stuff in Blender and I would like to make some video tutorial, but for now I share all the mesh in this Blog, so you can start practicing and handle the models like change Texture, Interact with node editors, Add Light and so on. All this models you can Download for free from http://www.blendswap.com a really good place for download Blenders Files.
Mining Shovel Bucket

For this design I use Hard OPS a really good tool for Boolean 

Mining shovel bucket inspired in CAT Buckets. Created under blender 2.77
Now you can download this model for free from here
Cubic Transition

In this model there are more texture and I decide to apply it in Black and White whith DoF so you can play with nodes and change the configuration. 
First Render 

Render Improved: New ceiling design and texture also add some fire sprinklers, improved Floor displacement lines and Glossy M…

Inkscape Multiple Pages

Actualmente me encuentro trabajando en el diseño del Annual Report para Software Freedom Conservancy, luego de presentar el Mockup he decidido realizar el Informe en su totalidad con Inkscape y no con Scribus que para mucho es la herramienta ideal para este tipo de Publicación.
Mockup Annual Report

Para lograr mi independencia de Scribus, existe una extensión para Inkscape denominada Inkscape Pages, el cual contiene las siguientes características: Insertar páginas.Insertarmárgenes de la página.Utilizaruna página maestra.Mover Objetos de una página aotra.Reorganizarpáginas.Quitar páginas.La exportación aPDF. (Single .pdf)Navegar a través depáginas. etc ... Para Instalar esta extensión primero tienes que descargar:

Luego descomprimir e Instalar:

tar -zxvf inkscape-pages-1.1.tar.gz cd inkscape-pages-1.1 sudo ./install en (Si quieres la Extensión en español tan solo reemplaza en por es) Reiniciar Inkscape luego verificar la instalación en Extensions - Pages 

Inkscape 0.91 - P…

Add Locations to GNOME Weather

Al ver que GNOME Weather no mostraba todas las locaciones que estaba buscando, decidí meter mano y agregar a mi Ciudad Natal (Calama), por lo que decidí escribir este mini tutorial en caso que quieras agregar una locación que no aparezca por defecto.
OS: Ubuntu 14:10
Lo primero sera editar el archivo Locations.xml para agregar nuestro lugar. Puedes usar tu editor favorito en este caso usaremos gedit.

sudo gedit /usr/share/libgweather/Locations.xml
Tome como referencia Antofagasta que es la ciudad mas próxima que aparece por defecto y ahora agregamos los siguientes datos.
Calama-22.4667 -68.9333 name Agregamos el nombre de nuestra locación. coordinates Agregamos las coordenadas de nuestra locación.
Aeropuerto de CalamaSCCF-22.4897 -68.9036 name Agregamos el nombre del aeropuerto. code ID Aeropuerto. http://skyvector.com/airportscoordinates Agregamos las coordenadas del aeropuerto. 
Y con esto Reboot y listo! nuestra locación ya aparece en GNOME Weather.
Ahora si quieres le puedes agrega…