Mostrando las entradas de 2016

GPS Ami Logo

Now let me introduce the new Icon for GPS Ami, If you want to know what GPS Ami is just click here, but how I got involved? I was reading in GNOME Planet the introducing of Hubert Figuière for GPS Ami and read that he need a logo for this aplication, so I designed the Logo and Tweet him the first Idea, after to see the Idea he approved the design and the second step was uploaded to GPS Ami's GitHub.

GPSAmi, a GUI app to read data from GPS devices.
If you want a Icon, logo, Hackergotchi, Banner etc.. for your GNOME project, you can Add your request in GNOME Art Request.

Blender Models

After a long time without posting I decided to post in English to practice my writing. In the last time I was designing some mechanical stuff in Blender and I would like to make some video tutorial, but for now I share all the mesh in this Blog, so you can start practicing and handle the models like change Texture, Interact with node editors, Add Light and so on. All this models you can Download for free from http://www.blendswap.com a really good place for download Blenders Files.
Mining Shovel Bucket

For this design I use Hard OPS a really good tool for Boolean 

Mining shovel bucket inspired in CAT Buckets. Created under blender 2.77
Now you can download this model for free from here
Cubic Transition

In this model there are more texture and I decide to apply it in Black and White whith DoF so you can play with nodes and change the configuration. 
First Render 

Render Improved: New ceiling design and texture also add some fire sprinklers, improved Floor displacement lines and Glossy M…