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GNOME Wallpaper

GNOME Wallpaper created under GIMP

Feel free to download it from here

Annual GNOME Bugzilla Statistic 2018

I have been working in a Design with Inkscape for the Annual GNOME Bugzilla Statistic for 2018, here you can see a picture but in the link you can access to the .pdf format.

I want to thanks to Andre Klapper for his support to this design.

Junta GNOME Beer Chile 2019 + Wallpaper GNOME Chile

Friends, to start this year has decided to make a GNOME Beer and thus strengthen the board of this group and we can raise the opportunity to generate activities this year as the GNOME Day.
GNOME Beer Chile: City: Santiago
Place: Kross Bar de Bellavista
Date: Sábado 02 de Febrero
Hour: 18:00 Hrs en adelante.
Created with Blender 2.8 - Wallpaper de GNOME Chile.