Mostrando las entradas de 2019

Blender 3D Models

Here you can find some models created under Blender 2.8 ready to download it.
For the design I use the next tools:
Booleans.Duplicate Objects.Array.Spin Duplicates.Extrude
Electric Generator Fire Extinguisher
Light Machine

Download Blender3D Files All the designs are created under Blender 2.8

Cobreloa - Chilean Football Team

You can find this .SVG created under Inkscape. Cobreloa: Chilean Football Team.
Download Cobreloa .SVG

GNOME Stickers 2019

I was working in the design for the GNOME Stickers 2019 and the design you can find here and you can find the SVG. you are available to download and edit it with Inkscape.

Don't forget to download the font Trebuchet in the same link.

GNOME Stickers 2019
You can find the last Stickers: GNOME Beer

And you can find the old GNOME Stickers 


Anime Show Santiago 2019

Starting this month it was the Anime Show Santiago 2019 in Centro Cultural Estación Mápocho, I have to say there was very good Cosplayers and great people.

Let me show some Pictures of the event:

Fujifilm X-T1 Advanced Filter Effect Red
Nice Cosplay

For me this is the Best Cosplay in all Anime Show

So if you wanna see all the Gallery you can visit my Flickr Album  Anime Show Santiago 2019

Mesh Align Plus - Blender 2.8

Mesh Align Plus has been updated for Blender 2.8 and a new feature for "Align Planes"

Download Mesh Align Plus Testing Mesh Align Plus v0.5.0 - Blender 2.8
First install this Add on from file The Idea in this picture is add the three pieces into one First select the Grab Destination, we select the first vertex where I want the second piece and then we make click in "Grab Destination" Then we select the vertex in the second piece, remember this piece it's gonna move into the first piece, and we click in Object And this is how this Add on work, very simple powerful and fast. Now we select the second base to align with the next piece and we click in Grab Destination And now we select the last vertex and we make click in object. And this is how we can use Mesh Align Plus in Blender 2.8

GNOME Wallpaper

GNOME Wallpaper created under GIMP

Feel free to download it from here

Annual GNOME Bugzilla Statistic 2018

I have been working in a Design with Inkscape for the Annual GNOME Bugzilla Statistic for 2018, here you can see a picture but in the link you can access to the .pdf format.

I want to thanks to Andre Klapper for his support to this design.

Junta GNOME Beer Chile 2019 + Wallpaper GNOME Chile

Friends, to start this year has decided to make a GNOME Beer and thus strengthen the board of this group and we can raise the opportunity to generate activities this year as the GNOME Day.
GNOME Beer Chile: City: Santiago
Place: Kross Bar de Bellavista
Date: Sábado 02 de Febrero
Hour: 18:00 Hrs en adelante.
Created with Blender 2.8 - Wallpaper de GNOME Chile.