Design and Change a simple GNOME Desktop Icon

Design and Change a simple GNOME Desktop Icon

There are many ways to change a GNOME Icon and for now MenuLibre is a good option if you want a quick process but in this case we need to understand where are the root for the icons and then create a change but understanding where are the icons that we want to change.

Installing MenuLibre
sudo apt-get install menulibre

As you can see the desktop icon Anthy Dictionary has a bad resolution and we will change it.

Understanding Menulibre show the command for this app "kasumi" so this is a very important word and then we go to Nautilus and find "kasumi" and we can find two different places from this Icons, kasumi.desktop and kasumi.list and other kasumi files.

Now we have to redesign in Inkscape the new Icon for Anthy Dictionary Editor.

Don't forget use Inkscape as a sudo for save the icon in two different places.

sudo inkscape



When I watch the Icon 64px. is a really small icon for Show Application in GNOME so I change it for 256px. and looks awesome.



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